IKU Corporate Information Management Department Goals

Corporate Information Management Department has adopted the following objectives in line with the mission and objectives set out in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan of Istanbul Kültür University:

1.    Provide platform independent, English language support and easy-to-use interfaces for students to monitor and manage their academic and administrative processes..
2.    Analysis of academic business processes together with related units, if necessary improvement, adaptation to SAP-ORION system and preparation of necessary documentation
3.    Presentation of studies and practices supporting student-centered education. 
4.    Providing content and instructor contribution for Enterprise Resource Planning and SAP-ABAP Programming courses based on SAP enterprise resource planning system.
5.   Presenting immediate and sound reports to senior management, academic and administrative managers supporting decision support mechanisms; Monitoring of the key institutional performance indicators supporting the YÖKAK evaluation criteria  (tesla.iku.edu.tr

1.    Ensuring communication, coordination and necessary integration between the units that are stakeholders of SAP-ORION system.
2.    Ensuring and managing regular integration with various state institutions such as YÖKSİS, MERNİS and ÖSYM.
3.    Coordination with external stakeholders.

1.   Providing multi-language support in the applications offered to students.
2.  Management of application screens for the follow-up and evaluation of application processes of foreign students wishing to study at Istanbul Kültür University.

1.  Ensure the functionality and sustainability of the hardware and software infrastructure required for the storage, maintenance, management and security of corporate data. 

2.  Provide budget planning and consolidation infrastructure support and functionality.

3.  Ensuring the confidentiality of corporate data under the Personal Data Protection Act; providing different levels of authorization processes and accurate data to the data owner.

4.  Establish and maintain the demand management system for student, academic and administrative staff.