As the Automation Unit, we support the Academic and Administrative Units of our University and all University students in any kind of technical problems they may face, from the ITSM (Information Technologies Service Manager) system and from orion.destek@iku.edu.tr. With our knowledgeable and experienced support team, we get back to you as soon as possible to identify and solve your problems. 

Automation Unit Frequently Asked Questions

You can retrieve a new password if you do not remember your password. To retrieve a new password;

1- You can use the Forgot My Password link on selfservis.iku.edu.tr.

2- If you are a student, you can send an SMS to 2322 from your mobile phone registered in our University system with the format "IKUStudentIDNo TRIdentityNumber".

3- If you are a staff, you can send an SMS to 2322 from your mobile phone registered in our University system in the format of "IKUUserName TRIdentityNumber".

Your new password will be sent to your mobile phone number that is stored in the ÖBYS system.

Mobile phone information can ONLY be changed by the Student Affairs Directorate and the Institute Unit.

You can complete your re-registration and course enrolment procedures at the beginning of the semester; you can add-drop courses; withdraw from courses; make payment transactions, Erasmus applications and request documents; follow your grade status, exam schedule, syllabus and various announcements.
Yes, our students must renew their registrations at the beginning of each academic term.
No, you must reregister before you can select a course.
The total point of a student for a course is calculated by multiplying the credit of the course by its coefficient. In calculating the Grade Point Average (GPA), the total credit of a student for all courses is divided by the total point of the courses taken. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated by using the same method taking into account all the courses taken starting from the enrollment of the student. The average GPA and CGPA figures calculated are shown with two decimals.
Courses that are opened or should be opened are under the authority and responsibility of Departments. You can get help from the person who is authorized in this field by contacting your academic advisor.
The quotas of the courses/sections are determined by Departments. Increasing the quota of the course/section is under the authority and responsibility of Departments.
Students who are dismissed due to graduation or other reasons cannot access the system.
You can send an e-mail to orion.destek@iku.edu.tr with your student number and explain the problem. The relevant authorities will solve the problem as soon as possible.